Me seducing your man.

Me seducing your man.

B.A.P 2nd Adventure  ─  Daehyun  [3/6]
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the troubles of running a drama gif blog that reblogs and makes gifs to post that involve 12 different genre’s

and different countries have the same title for a drama that is a drama or movie in a different country and vise versa

latest urgh trials and tribulations…

fated to love you is a drama currently in korea, yet taiwan did the same drama with the same title a couple years before…

and currently i believe taiwan or china has a drama called fabulous 30 and there’s a thai movie with same title

jdrama > kdrama > twdrama > cdrama > hkdrama > thai drama > jmovie > kmovie > twmovie > cmovie > hk movie > thai movie


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[BLOCK B OFFICIAL] Get ready to T.U.N.E I.N to Music Bank :) Made exactly like Block B HER!!!!!! #블락비 #HER #BlockB #헐


[HQ SCANS] Hyuna for Grazia August 2014 Issue - source: DCkimhyeona

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